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Cruise Scroggs Mansion - front page

History of the Cruise-Scroggs Mansion where it all began

The Strawberry Hill Ethnic Cultural Society was formed in 1988 to promote, sponsor and preserve the ethnic heritage prevalent in Kansas City, Kansas. The Strawberry Hill Museum and Cultural Center celebrates the many nationalities of Kansas City residents. Built in 1887, the core building is an outstanding example of Victorian Queen Anne Style architecture and was home to the Cruise-Scroggs family for 32 years. In 1919, the mansion was opened by the Sisters of St. Francis of Christ the King to care for children orphaned during the 1918 influenza pandemic. The orphanage, operated in connection with St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, and closed in 1988 for the conversion to the Strawberry Hill Ethnic Museum &  Cultural Center. 

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Strawberry Hill Museum three part history

1887 – The Victorian home was built by John G. Braecklein for John and Margaret Scroggs. At age 21, this was Mr. Braecklein’s first commission. It was considered at the time one of the most outstanding examples of the Queen Anne Style architecture erected in Kansas City, Kansas. The Scroggs family lived there for 32 years.

1918 – In 1919 an influenza epidemic raged throughout the United States. Many children of the local St. John the Baptist Parish were left without one or both parents. Msgr. Martin D. Krmpotic, the Church’s Pastor, asked the Sisters of St. Francis of Christ the King to open a local orphanage for these children. On August 15, 1919, Msgr. Krmpotic with Sister M. Bonaventure visited the Cruise-Scroggs home and it was purchased for $15,400 to be used  as a home for the children. The Sisters operated the orphanage from 1919 until the summer of 1988, when it was closed due to changing social needs.

1988 – Upon closing of the orphanage, the property was acquired by the Strawberry Hill Ethnic Cultural Society for conversion into a museum dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the Slavic heritage prevalent in the Kansas City, Kansas area.

Strawberry Hill Museum Event Calendar

The Strawberry Hill Museum has many events and functions throughout the year. We provide cooking classes to learn traditional ethnic foods such as Sarma (cabbage rolls), Pierogi (Polish dumplings), Povitica (Croatian Nut Bread), and Apple Strudel among other things like soups, cookie decorating, and many more. We also put on annual events like our 5K Run/Walk/Crawl, Annual Auction and many others. Please let us know if you would be interested in teaching a class as we are always looking for fun ways to get people of all nationalities together to support the Museum and have a bit of fun.

Garage Sale
September 17, 2022

Court Yard Sale

Urban Hikes
Urban Hikes

Strawberry Hill Museum Urban Hike Series

wedding dresses
March - September, 2022

Wedding Dress Exhibition

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Two Strudel

Tea Room
Tea Room First Weekend Every Month

Saturday & Sunday

March - September, 2022

Dolly Cigich Perfume Bottle Display

Plan a Visit Tour Tickets and Tea Room Reservations

The Strawberry Hill Museum is working to keep our patrons and volunteers safe. Due to the ever changing conditions of the world, we have had to re-evaluate how we are going to present the Museum and its exhibits. The Museum is asking that you purchase tickets online for your tour on a specific date and time. We are scheduling small groups to provide you with a better experience with your docent as you take a guided tour through our facility. 

With the Tea Room being a small venue, we ask that you book a reservation for your party so that you may enjoy the food and desserts that we have to offer. This will guarantee you a spot at a particular time for you and your party.

Strawberry Hill museum Get Involved

As part of the Museum family supporters whether through, Memberships, Donations, or Volunteering you are helping us to achieve our mission to promote, sponsor and preserve the ethnic heritage which is housed in the cultural center of the Strawberry Hill Museum. 


I want to help the Strawberry Hill Museum grow and improve. Please add my name to those who contribute. I understand this is a tax deductible membership. 

Gratitude Tree

Any donation, small or large is important and appreciated. For a $250 donation, you can purchase a silver leaf or for $500 you can purchase a gold leaf on our Gratitude Tree located in Sisters Chapel Hallway. Each leaf can be engraved with your message or tribute. Your donations are tax deductible. For larger donations other icons are available. 


The Strawberry Hill Museum Ethnic Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Your donations are the foundation to maintain this Kansas Historical site for future generations. 


Are you from the Strawberry Hill area, or just interested in the culture of the Museum? As a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, we are all volunteers.

We value all the current volunteers that give us time in their busy lives and would love to add you to our family. Your commitment is based on your availability. 

Gift Shop

Looking for that last minute gift for your ethnic friend? We sell Strawberry Hill Povitica. Stop by the Gift Shop on a weekend and check out the goodies. We also have Christmas, Santa's, nativities, and much more. 

Collecting Polish pottery? We have a large selection from a number of the villages in Poland.

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