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Slovakia or the Slovak Republic, SlovakSlovensko, republic (1995 est. pop. 5,432,000), 18,917 sq mi (48,995 sq km), central Europe. It is bordered by the Czech Republic in the west, by Austria in the southwest, by Hungary in the south, by Ukraine in the east, and by Poland in the north. Bratislava is the capital. Slovakia is divided into four administrative departments. Slovakia became an independent nation on January 1, 1993, when Czechoslovakia was dissolved.


Slovakia is located in central Europe. The land has rugged mountains, rich in mineral resources, with vast forests and pastures. The Carpathian Mountains dominate the topography of Slovakia, with lowland areas in the southern region. Slovakia is about twice the size of the state of Maryland.

Cultural Artifact of Slovakia

The ceramic industry and Majolica production started in the 19th century and a school of ceramics was established where the skillfulness of Habaners the so-called Slovak ceramics were created. Most of the old ceramics were labeled Czechoslovakia until Slovakia became its own country on January 1, 1993.

Unleaded glass drinking glasses known as crystal glass with refinements by various decoration techniques - (panograph etching, cutting, painting, engraving, spraying, screen printing, tampoprint - or automatic calibration by laser). 

Slovakia Fun Fact

Regional Fun Fact

Keeping fish in the bathtub before Christmas. This tradition came about because eating carp at Christmas is supposed to bring good luck, but since they are bottom feeders, they taste better if kept in clean water in a tub for several days before eating. Keeping the fish in the bathtub also ensures that it stays fresh right up until Christmas Day. These days, many families in the countryside still carry on this tradition, often with a modern twist - neighbors take turns keeping the fish each year so that it's necessary to lose the use of their bathtub for a few days only once every four or five years instead of annually! After being held captive in the bathtub for at least two days the fish are then gathered and prepared to cook. The carp if often served fried with a side of potato salad for a traditional Slovak Christmas meal.