Strawberry Hill Volunteer


Docents (tour guides) - Weekends (Saturday or Sunday 11:45 - 4) - We have a guide that you can use to give the tour and we have you shadow for a couple times before going on your own. Great way to engage with people that have never been here or used to stay when they were little, learn about the history, and share experiences.

Greeters - Weekends (Saturday or Sunday 11:45 - 3:15) Meet and greet people when they come for a tour. Visit and keep track of them in the Chapel while they wait for the next tour.

Gift Shop - Weekends (Saturday or Sunday 11:45 - 3:15) Meet people after the tour in the Gift Shop. Ring up their orders and walk them back up to the Chapel to exit.

Tea Room - First weekend of every month - 11:30 - 3:30 (except February and October) take orders, serve food, wash dishes, and if you cook and want to bring a dessert - always appreciated.

Event Helpers – 20 – 50 people bus tours during the week, Olde World Christmas, tour and lunch. Usually a couple hours.

Classes – Interested in teaching a class – we are open to suggestions (currently we have strudel, bierock’s, soup, cookies, wreath decorating, knitting, crocheting, painting, etc.) Something that you like to teach, we can get the class put together.

Olde World Christmas (always have a pot of coffee on, lunch provided - always varies but there is always ham and turkey sandwiches - homemade soups, salads, desserts - you won't go hungry – a big family gathering) All of October - Monday through Saturday 9 - 4 - just come on by - Office door or Bridge door open - we will take 15 minutes, an hour or two, or all day. Decorators, Tree fluffers, Elves that help with whatever needs to be done, Sorters, runners, walkers, gofers.


Handymen - if you have your own tools, or you can use what we have. Lots of small fix it things that need a little TLC. (the house is a wee bit old) - putting up brackets for fire extinguishers, fixing a toilet, repairing a little of this or that. I'm here when you have the time. 

Administrative Assistance - filing, sorting through old documents, categorizing things from the beginning of the Museum time.

Organizers – All kinds of projects need hands. After Olde World Christmas all the goodies need to be put back in their rightful place in the basement.

Exhibits - sorting through items and developing a plan for upcoming exhibits in the big exhibit room. This coming March will be the Don Lipovac Exhibit. Organize, categorize, label, and create displays for the exhibit in March.

Archive – working to become a National Accredited Museum. So, we will be tackling the Archive area soon and will need people to help us build out our history.