Gratitude Tree

Strawberry Hill Gratitude Tree

The Strawberry Hill Museum & Cultural Center has been very blessed since its inception with generous support from friends, volunteers and donors. All donations of time, talent and treasure are gratefully received and acknowledged in several ways, including the Gratitude Tree located in Sisters Chapel Hallway. 

We have been fortunate in having some exceptionally generous donors and think it is only fitting that they should be recognized publicly. To that end, we will be adding special memorial icons to the Gratitude Tree and place engraved plaques in relevant areas. 

As our tree grows, with a donation of $250 your name (names or company) will be engraved on a SILVER leaf and place on the "Gratitude Oak Tree". With a $500 donation, the same procedure, but engraved on a GOLD leaf. This is a permanent display.

We have recently added a number of new icons that will memorialize donors and be added to the Gratitude Tree.

Small Stone under the Tree: $1,000, Medium Stone under the Tree: $2,500 or for a Lifetime - Large Stone under the Tree: $5,000. A brass Acorn on oak wood between the leaves: $10,000+, a Corian Cloud above the tree: $25,000+, a Dove that is brass on Wood or Corian: $50,000+. 

Join us in recognizing our outstanding supporters, come and see all of the memories or become a part of our growing Gratitude Tree. 


Gratitude Tree 600 x 450